In this article, I will be writing about the US universities which will allow the GRE score of 290-300. Please don’t assume that this score alone will secure you the admission in the below listed universities. There are different criteria inorder to get admission in these universities such as academics, projects, internship and work experience. Check out the university for gre score 290 to 300.


  • Lamar University

    This university is located in Texas which is one hour drive from Houston. Electrical Engineering is famous here     and a decent profile will help you to get admission in this university.The climate in this university is warm and the living expenses here vary from $300 – $500. The tuition fee for this university is around $20000. Part time opportunities are competitive and the acceptance rate of this university is 77.2%.

  • University of Colorado Denver


    This is a public research university. Students with 295 GRE score can apply for admission in this university. The climate here is very cold and the living expenses are around $400 – $500. The tuition fee for this university is around $20000. The acceptance rate for admissions is 76%.

  • Cleveland State University

    This university is located in Cleveland, Ohio. This university was founded in 1964. Scholarship universities in this university are very ample. The living expenses in this universities range between $300 – $400. Tuition fee is around$13000. Part time opportunities are decent and the acceptance rate is 67.1%.


  • California State University, Fullerton

    This university was founded in 1957. Los Angeles was pretty near from the university. The climate is pleasant here. Living expenses range from $500 – $700 here. The tuition fee is around $18000. Part time opportunities are a bit competitive. The acceptance rate of this university is around 44.5%.


  • California State University, East Bay

    The California State University – East Bay university was founded in 1957. Students with GRE score between 285- 295 can apply for admission for this university. The living expenses range from $600 – $800. The tuition fee is about $18000. The acceptance rate in this university is 68.2% and the part time opportunities are a bit competitive.

  • University of Texas, Tyler

    This university was founded in 1971. Dallas is only 90 minutes drive from Tyler. Climate here is warm and the living expenses are round $300 – $400. Tuition fee is around $19000. Acceptance rate for this university is around 46%.


  • University of Houston

    This university was founded in 1974. Students with GRE score of 295 can apply for admission in this university. The climate here Is warm and the living expenses are around $300 – $400. The tuition fee is around $19000. Part time opportunities are a bit competitive here. The acceptance rate of this university is 34.1%.


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How to prepare for Gmat Exam

GMAT – Graduate Management Admission Test

Everybody desires to land a better job. It’s the ultimate goal of every college graduate right after the graduation. However, with today’s stiff employment competition many of these graduates find it hard to find a job. Well, earning a degree in Masters Business Administration (MBA) is the most effective way to compete and to be chosen for that great job. And one major requirement to be qualified taking an MBA course is by passing the Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT examination.

how to prepare for GMAT exam


The GMAT is a computer based examination that aims to help business schools in assessing the aptitude of every applicant for advanced study in business and management. The examination has three distinct areas: Analytical Writing Ability (AWA), Quantitative, and Verbal. As a whole, GMAT examination measures the candidate’s analytical writing skills, math concepts for solving problems and proficiency in written communication.

how to prepare for gmat

GMAT Preparation Books and Resources

* There’re quite a few books out there that will help you prepare for the GMAT exam. Sorting through the myriad of options can be a time-consuming task. If you choose the wrong book and waste your study time, you may not have an opportunity to recover again.

* One place to check out will to be the neighborhood book merchants who are around you. With this manner, you could be capable of finding a GMAT study guide in your neighborhood and not have to simply wait for the resources to be transported.

* To pass the test, it’s essential that you learn the core content that’s being tested. It’s not enough to master the tips, tricks, and even traps. You have to find a detailed GMAT revision guide to explain the content you must know to succeed on the GMAT.

* Something different that you may test is making a search in the web. By surfing the internet, you could find various places that are supplying best gmat prep book, but you will need to hold onto online vendors to send this product to you. So just make sure that your study guide will get to you at a certain time prior to have to take the exam.

* Another location to look into might be looking to be a neighborhood university book shop. You can find that the new copy of the publication can wind up being located here for you to purchase. Nonetheless, you will want to keep in mind that the fee can be costly just like the price of a standard text book. However, you should not allow cost stop you from buying because you are sure to wind up paying money on test fees, application fees, plus various other textbooks down the line while in school.

* Colleagues may also be a good reference too simply because they might be able to provide you with copy they’ve chosen in the past. However, if they are still the copy your friends could tell you where they purchased their GMAT prep guide.

In Conclusion,

As of today, taking GMAT examination is not as difficult as what the previous batch of GMAT examinee experienced. Well, the reason of this is that there are lots of available GMAT exam resource preparations. And the most popular types of GMAT exam resource preparation is through online. Online GMAT exam resource is of great advantage for every examinee for it gives them an opportunity to learn to be familiar with computers. Most of these GMAT exam resources offer its students with study guides, practice exams and problems, and effective techniques on how to pass GMAT.

Gre prep

How to prepare for GRE test

To do your masters in really good university you need to give GRE exam. In this exam they ask about quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning. You will get marks from 340. Any thing above 310 is really good score in gre exam and you can crack admission from good university like San Jose State University, Penselvaniya state university etc.

Now the main question is how to prepare for GRE exam. To prepare for GRE exam from scratch either you can join some coaching institute online or offline or you can purchase some gre prep books. I don’t know about off-line coaching but there are many on-line coaching institute which can help you to prepare for your GRE exam also there are some of the best gre prep books which will help you to score better in your GRE exam.

List of Online GRE prep courses

magoosh gre prep

  1. Magoosh Gre online prep
  2. Manhattan Gre prep
  3. Kaplan Gre prep
  4. Princeton Reviews Gre prep
  5. Powerscore Gre prep

From all of the Cheapest is Magoosh Online gre prep. It coasts around only 99$. In 99$ you get many video lectures, gre practice test, and they offer also score guarantee.

manhattan gre prep

Manhattan is also nice gre prep but it coasts slightly high. It coasts arount 549$

Kaplan coasts around 699$

princeton review

Princeton review coasts around 499$

List of Best GRE prep Book

kaplan gre book

  1. Official guide to GRE by ETS
  2. Manhattan 5 lb
  3. Kaplan Full GRE guide with 6 practice test
  4. cracking the GRE with 4 practice test by Princeton review

Form this books My favorite books are Official Guide to GRE by ETS. It is one of the best gre prep book.When ETS comes with a book you should not miss it because ETS is the one who takes the exam. So this book have previous exam papers and question in it, also it is really cheap. So these book you should not miss.

Manhattan 5 lb is also really nice book it covers all the topic from top to bottom. So those who really want to start from scratch this is the book for you. Verbal reasoning is nicely explained.

Kaplan’s math part is really nice but verbal part is on the weaker side, Kaplan practice test is really hard. So you will get low score as compared to actual GRE exam.

Princeton reviews exam is really easy so you will get slightly higher score then your actual GRE exam. But book is nice on both the part.



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Financial Aid

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Test prep Instruciton

Test Taking Tips

Make sure you are familiar with the directions for each type of question before you attempt it.

Do not spend too much time on one question until you have tried all the other questions in a section.

Keep checking to make sure that you are marking the answer in the right place.

Pace your answers such that you have enough time to attempt all the questions.Keep an eye on timer.

When you are unsure of the right answer, try eliminating one or more of the choices before giving up.

Remember, there is no negative marking for wrong answers.

The application cannot be started again within the same browser instance. Start application in new browser instanc

Double click should not be used in the whole application. It will give different results.

Test prep Instruciton

Software Instruction while Taking Test


Overviews appear with the accurate information of the Type/ Topic/ Section in which you intend to ‘Take a Test’ or ‘Practice the test’. A sample of the screen is shown below.



It guides you to answer the questions correctly.
This allows you to set three different options while taking a test.

General Preferences

  • In General Preferences, you may select an option for Overview to be displayed or not.
  • Auto navigation option takes you to the next question automatically after answering the current question.
  • Timer options ON/OFF – to measure your time.
  • You can set the sound ON or OFF.

Test Preferences
This allows you to opt for Learning Mode or Test Mode.
College Preferences

  • College Preferences allows the users to select the Colleges for test and score comparisons.
  • Button Panel Overview
  • This has a description of all the buttons in the Question screen and their functions. A sample of the screen is shown below.

Software Overview


Environment Instructions

Browsers To Use

MAC Internet Explorer 5.0
MAC Netscape Communicator 4.7
Windows Internet Explorer 5.0
Windows Netscape Communicator

Screen Resolutions

For WinNT 640*480
800*600 (Suggested)
For Win95 640*480
800*600 (Suggested)


Minimum 486, 100MHz, 600 to 1.2 GB HDD, SVGA color or mono monitor
Recommended Pentium with 166 MHz, 32 MB RAM.
Dial-up network: 33.6kbps modem.
Memory-Minimum 16 MB RAM.